Expert qualifié Arts et Métiers
Expert qualifié Arts et Métiers
Estimation valeur vénale immobilière & Diagnostics
     Estimation valeur vénale immobilière & Diagnostics

Information has our activity of Cabinet of real estate expertise

Overview of our firm

Our expertise' agency in assessment of real estate values and technical diagnostics, Member of the real estate experts are committed to apply the Charter in real estate evaluation expertise.
RCS Montpelier No. 523 352 540 RCP HISCOX n° HA RCP 0086799

Hervé GALEOTTI            
A graduate of the ICH valuer
Member certified by Bureau VERITAS certification n ° 2151131 

Businesses and professional consumers, specialist in the field of evaluation and diagnosis.

As part of our business, our firm is subject to any contractual obligation exclusive collaboration with one or more undertakings. We operate in complete independence from our partners and our choice to speak exclusively by the best representation of the interests of our customers.
You have contacted us to carry out a mission of expertise, information about you are subject to stringent confidentiality rules.


As part of a divorce, a succession, an undivided, a transfer of shares of SCI, a tender, a pledge, a tax on wealth (calculation base depending on occupancy) return or a sales draft, it is frequently necessary to assess the good: the market value.
As part of a disaster and as the case may be, it is often recommended to determine the so-called value replacement.

To do this, we are addressing the customer quote and order of tasks that define the framework of our intervention. We collect property titles, condominium documents and all documents of urbanism. Due to the appreciation of the situation, good and auditing of the technical state of the property we apply one of three methods recognized by the entire profession for individuals:
Methods by direct comparison (usually an apartment, villa or a flag)
Methods by CAP (report building)
Methods by replacement cost (individual or rural house) 
Expert does not estimate at the end of the visit, but performs subsequent study which finally will be delivering a folder expertise.

Technical diagnosis folder

Seller, trustee or lessor: to each its mandatory diagnostics
Depending on your status, here are the diagnosis you do perform generally. However, depending on age of real property and facilities, some diagnosis are not necessary.

We will inform you study energy DPE is compulsory from 1 January 2011 upon sale of the housing.

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Before any purchase, it is important to check whether the local authorities intend to use their pre-emptive  purchase right. For this reason, the notary will always send a déclaration of intention to dispose of property to the authorities.

Technical surveys provided by the vendor and pepared by experts, us A3 Expertises, it is mandatory for exact measurements of floor area to be made for all jointly owned property "CARREZ LAW".

Asbestos and lead: Vendors of properties built prior to july 1st 1997 are responsible for providinga technical survey informing the buyer whether asbestos is present in the building materials.

Likewise, a survey must be carried out of yhe risk of exposure to lead for all properties built prior to 1948.

Termites: a parasite report must be prepared for all properties situated in a risk zone.

A survey of natural and technological risks is required for^properties located within a zone covered by the plan for thechnoligical' prevention or natural risks.

Energy performance surveys aim to determine a property's energy consumption DPE.

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La notification SRU

nouveau Décret juillet 2015

Après la signature de la promesse unilatérale ou du compromis de vente, l'acquéreur dispose de 10 jours pour renoncer à la vente. Ce délai démarre à partir :

  • du lendemain de la 1re présentation de la lettre recommandée en cas de promesse passée sous seing privé,

  • ou du lendemain de la remise en main propre (ou signature de l'acte s'il est conservé par l'officier public) en cas de promesse passée sous la forme authentique.

certifié par Bureau Veritas certification pour les diagnostiques suivants: DPE, GAZ, Termites, Amiantes, Electricité, Plomb Herve GALEOTTI n°2151131

Diplomé ICH Institut de la construction et de l'habitation du conservatoire des Arts et Métiers